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Complete plugin list

VoxelSniper, PermissionsBukkit, Spout, Vault, LogBlockQuestioner, Multiverse-Core, LWC, BorderGuard, OpenInv, WorldEdit, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-SignPortals, VanishNoPacket, Multiverse-NetherPortals, LogBlock, WorldGuard, AdminCmd, ChestShop, EssentialsSpawn, Essentials, SimpleRegionMarket

Plugin Walk-Throughs

We have a lot of plugins which aren't exactly intuitive, so we have made some walk-throughs to show you how to buy and sell using iconomy, as well as how to operate our other plugins. Click here to go to our youtube channel. If you have any questions, hit up the forum and ask!

Screen Shots

This is just a sample of what is present on the server. Hopefully you can help to add to this portfolio of awesome :)


Here is a list of our staff members and the different ranks they hold, and a little about each of their responsibilities.

This is not a rank, this is a divine being.
This one man is elusive and appears periodically. He is the founder of these lands and if you ever see him, ask him to check out your house.

This rank is near unobtainable, and given to those who have a direct hand in our server's physical existance. Yeah, lots of big words.
Administrators (Admin):
Biscuitoman (Sam):
He pays for the server and oversees its continued existence. He rules our land as the founder's successor and does so kindly and smartly.
jimmayjr (Jim):
First mate of the server captain, and has been on the server for ages. He holds much respect and authority in his hands.

A step under administrators, these players have shown huge dedication and wield their power for the good of the server. Only the best make it here.
Global Moderators (Gmod):
theemeraldcat (Ivan):
A great guy. Been around since the start and has a funny sense of humor.
thesimplysnipers (Sean):
The irish lad around these parts. He doesn't tolerate rule breakers and is quick to act. He has been around since the start.
banndersnatch (Lindsay):
Our motherly figure who attempts to keep everyone in line. Very nice and kind to everyone except Sean, who she passionately hates.

The second staff rank and gifted with lots of respect and responsibility. They are always around to help out.
Moderators (Mod):
Titanne (Dan):
When hes not playing Diablo III, this kind, friendly guy is building insanely huge builds that touch the skies. Impossible to miss them when you see them.
TBone5172 (Daniel):
A frequent server goer who has an amazing eye for building and skilled at keeping the rule breakers away. He adds energy and fun to the server at every turn.
Hech2442 (Eric):
Great pixel builder and great moderator of the server. His pixels are just as amazing as his ability to keep the server safe.

This rank is the first when it comes to staff ranks on the server. This rank gives access to banning, muting, kicking, jailing, and other moderating commands.
Hosts (Host):
Lamagiverwilly2 (Will):
This player enjoys hardcore survival and is a valuable part of our staff. He is the most senior host and is a genius with redstone.
themilkcat (Ole):
As the proud builder of survival spawn, he is one of the most imaginative and crazy staff members on the server.
DerHeiligste (Ben):
A great guy and worthy addition to our community. Hes a laidback nighttime player and has been here a while. Hes good with java and has his own plugin on the server.