Woah! What's this? A visitor? How nice of you to drop by and check us out. We're currently running Bukkit on MC 1.3 SMP. Plugins include LWC, Worldguard, Essentials, iconomy and many more.
The server is now running on a custom linux based server located in Chicago and lag free connections are possible when connecting from as far afield as Eastern Europe. (We have mods from California, Nevada, Texas, Ireland, England and Portugal)
Go ahead and connect using the address "tootallgaming.com" and say hi. We're a friendly bunch and we're always glad to see new faces. If you value community and good laughs, this is the server for you. If you want more details concerning plugins or if you'd like to see some screen shots of builds from the server, click the button below.
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Why choose us?

Active Community We love getting to know new players. Everyone brings something new to the table and we hope you will too!

Immersive experience We are a Bukkit server, and there's plenty for everyone here. Multiverse allows us to have worlds to suit every taste.


Grief Protection No-one likes grief. Flag down one of our hosts or mods to WorldGuard it for you.

Persistent Worlds All of our maps are as permanent as they get. Anything you do there will be saved indefinitely, ready for you whenever you want to play.


Latest News


6Aug 12

A revamped web page for a revamped server. We're overhauling everything, so hold on to your butts and watch this space!


8July 12

We are currently migrating to a new host. Expect some downtime. This move is to maximise uptime and improve your gaming experience.


29May 12

To be honest, this is a news placeholder. There is no news today...


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